Forest School and Outdoor Learning


Outdoor learning time is going well and the children are thoroughly enjoying their learning time outside in the Forest of Friends!

During October Class 4 has been to Iceland and Class 5 to Greece as part of the Geography part of their topics. Class 4 found out about the physical features that are natural to Iceland and worked in teams to create representations of a geyser, volcano, glacier and waterfalls. Class 5 has been comparing human and physical features of  Greek islands with our local area and will be creating tourist information leaflets which will persuade visitors to visit where we live.

Class 1 has been thinking about significant places and buildings. They built special places for an animal or person in their lives with their friends using natural materials and talked about who they built it for. They also went on a wellie walk around the village to see the old school so that they could compare the old school with the new one. They were lucky enough to have the opportunity to walk through the gatehouse at Abbey Farm and visit the old monastery’s pond and see the dove cot.

In Class 2, they have been learning about materials and their uses and they enjoyed looking for materials in the Forest of Friends. They can now talk about materials that are natural and man-

made and talk about why they are used for specific reasons. They have been thinking about ‘What would happen if…a house was made of paper’ and other scenarios as part of a STEAM challenge.

As part of their topic on the Stone Age Class 3 has been designing and making shelters for their Stone Age ‘mini mes’. They had to make sure it would keep them dry, protect them from wind, ensure it was stable and keep them safe.

Acorns have been doing lots of learning about the signs of Autumn and been on an Autumn wellie walk with their buddies through Montacute park. They have made Autumn crowns, been Autumn colour matching, created Autumn leaf pictures and had a go at hammering nails in to a pumpkin! This week they even had their snack outside with hot chocolate!


We have been so lucky to start this year with such lovely weather which has enabled us to do lots of outdoor learning in our Forest of Friends. The children have enjoyed carrying out different activities outside linked to their topic. As part of their STEAM learning children have had the opportunity to use natural materials to represent their ideas when creating their designs from their plans. For example, so far…Class 5 have been finding out about van Gogh and his famous works of Art by visiting a ‘gallery’ set up in the forest area. Class 3 have imagined the forest area is an Animal Rescue Centre to help enhance their learning about humans and animals while Class 2 have used the area to create their ideas for keeping fit and healthy using natural materials.