Gaming information for parents-

We know how popular gaming is for children. There are many fantastic games they can be using by themselves, with you or with their friends. There are two new resources that have been published to support you to help children have a positive and enjoyable time sharing games.

Childnet provides a set of resources on their Gaming resources page, including a shopping checklist for purchasing games which may be useful if you are considering purchasing games or devices as presents: https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/blog/gaming-%E2%80%93-resources-parents-and-carers

The NSPCC suggest 5 ways to help children play safe:

  1. Check the game’s content: Always check age ratings and play the game yourself to know what they will be doing.
  2. Know how to mute, block and report: Check how to do this in the different games your children use.
  3. Be Share Aware: Remind children not to move from chats in games to chats on social networks.
  4. Activate safety settings: Turn on parental controls and privacy settings on gaming consoles, turn off in-app purchases.
  5. Keep the conversation going: Have regular conversations about the games your children play and take opportunities to play games with your children.

Our E-Safety Board


Visit these these websites for e-safety information and activities.


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Click below to see a copy of Vodaphone’s publication, ‘Digital Parenting’

Digital Parenting – Issue 1

Digital Parenting – Issue 2

Digital Parenting – Special Edition

Digital Parenting – Issue 4

Digital Parenting – Issue 5

Digital Parenting – Issue 6

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