School Council

Wear a hat to school day!

The School Council have organised their first fund-raising day for School in a Bag. They collected ideas from the children in their class and then met to discuss the suggestions made. They decided to have a ‘Wear a hat to school’ day! Each child was asked to bring a donation of £1 to wear their hat. One of the School Council suggested asking a parent, who makes great cakes, to provide them with a cake that they could raffle and the kind and generous parent made us a fantastic chocolate sweet-covered cake!

It was been a ‘hat-tastic’ day and we raised £351!




Acorns: New councillors after half term

Class 1:     Max and Kitty

Class 2:     Jago and Ellie

Class 3:     Logan and Darcey

Class 4:     Jamie and Rhia

Class 5:     Rohan and Matilda

Class 6:     Charlie Di and Eloise

Theo (Chair) and Brooke (Secretary)

Aims – (chosen and written by the children)

We would like to raise money for our charity and other charities as we would like to help others.

We would like to work together to look after our environment.

We would like to be the voice for the children in our school and take their ideas and make them in to a big idea.

We would like to help children learn by listening to their thoughts about how we can improve our school.

September update -The School Councillors have been elected and are already busy in their new roles. Their new role includes being the voice for all the children in our school and as part of this role they will listen to the views of their class and represent these ideas and views during School Council meetings.

This year we will be supporting the charity ‘School in a Bag’. The charity raises money to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children to have an education. ‘School in a Bag’ send each child a school bag with stationery, learning resources and eating utensils that will enable them to write, draw, colour, calculate, and above all learn. Therefore throughout this year we will be working towards raising money to buy schoolbags for children around the world and the School Council will be talking to their classes to gather their fund-raising ideas.

During the first few weeks of school, School Council members worked with Lis Foy from ‘School in a Bag’ to deliver an Assembly dedicated to our charity. They talked about the items in a bag and how they hope to raise money to help others less fortunate. Here is a link to their website for more information and a video clip explaining the work that they do.