Dandelions is our club for Service Children. The club gives Service Children a chance to get to know each other; support each other and have fun in a relaxed environment. As described by a Year 2 child “it’s our club family at school”. The club was named by a Year 6 pupil, explaining that “dandelions are like Service children because they blow around in the wind but wherever they settle, they thrive.” We have special books and teddies in the library that can help us if our parent is deployed or working away. Our club is run by Mrs Babbage and Mrs Kamal who are both members of the Armed Forces Community. 

Dandelions have enjoyed being reunited albeit within our class ‘bubbles’!


Please find below a link to a “Naval Families Federation” web page from which you can order a free book that might support your child during separation/deployments as well as the list of books you are able to choose from.



Dandelions have enjoyed hosting Red White and Blue day in October 2019. The children hosted an assembly and encouraged all children to wear non-school uniform in return for a donation that goes towards supporting three military charities.

Thank you so much to all of our families for coming along to our Christmas tea party. It was really well attended and I hope it got everyone into the Christmas spirit. Thank you to the two representatives from Naval Service Family and People Support for coming along, too. See you all in the new year!

We have been thinking about the wider world and looking at maps and globes when talking about deployed family members. The children have been sharing their experiences to support each other.