Outdoor Challenge week 1

Hello All Saints!
I’m going to be putting outdoor challenges on here for you over the coming weeks. Look out for extra activities on Wellie Wednesdays and Fresh Air Fridays.


The first challenge links to Class 1’s topic ‘To the Rescue’.  We learnt about two transient artists called Tony Plant and Andy Goldsworthy who made pictures using natural materials. During the next week can you create your own and upload a picture to share with everyone on the Forest School and Outdoor Learning blog?

Here are some pictures of their work…

Here is some of the artwork completed by children at school with me yesterday…

Share yours with me on j2e!

Here are some sent to me on j2e…

Thank you!


14 Comments on “Outdoor Challenge week 1”

  1. Anna Simpson

    Hi Miss Daniel, uploaded some photos of ewan, Evie and Erin’s outdoor art to Evie’s J2e and Erin’s Tapestry

  2. Violet & Millie Fellows

    We enjoyed your challenge Miss Daniel. Mum has tried to send you the pictures on j2e, she wasn’t sure if she did it right so fingers crossed you got them. We made a wasp and a butterfly.

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