Fresh Air Friday

Happy Friday All Saints!

Today Reggie, Robin and I have been making a story stick. Our story stick is telling the story of our day so far. We have attached different materials to a stick – each material represents different activities we have done. Can you make a story stick that help tell us about your day? Or could you tell your favourite story on a story stick, like the Gruffalo or The Three Bears or even parts of Harry Potter? How about a detective story or adventure story? If your stick has a feather on it, who did that feather belong to? Who lost that feather and why? The options are endless. As an alternative you could make a journey stick and show objects and animals you saw on a walk.

Adults –

The materials on our story stick represent…

pom poms – chasing bubbles

yellow ribbon – playing in the sand

feather – watching the birds and listening to them singing

blue ribbon, grass and daisies – watering our plants

Share pictures of your story or journey stick with me on j2e!

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