Monthly Archives: March 2017

Plant Hunting at Montacute House

First  we  put  on  our  high-vis   jacits.   Next  we  walked   to  Montacute.  Then  walked    to  the  seecrat   garden.  After  that  we  saw  a  fire  enjin. By Georgie First    we  put   on   our   gear.   Next  we   walked   to   monaute   house.  We  saw  flowers   and  I  enjoyed  it. By Samuel

World Book Day 2017

This year we had brilliant fun dressing up as our favourite book characters! In Class one the children became authors for the morning, planning and writing their own story, and even getting creative with presenting it as a book. All of the children came up with wonderful story ideas and… Read more »

Shake Rattle and Roll

Volcanoes Yesterday in Class 3 we demonstrated what happens when a volcano erupts two different experiments. The first experiment we used coke and Mentos. The second we used, vinegar, fairy liquid, and bicarbonate of soda which created a reaction like an eruption.